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Skull Pushrod Cover Cups feature die-
cast construction in chrome or gold, set
of 4.
VT No. Item
37-9078 Chrome cups
37-9079 Gold cups
Skull Knob is made of
solid brass, polished, can
be drilled and tapped for
shifter ornament.
VT No. 21-2015
Krommetts feature 1/4 x 20 studs unless
noted for decorative mounting. Available
in 5 packs unless noted.
VT No. Item
37-9076 Chrome Skull
37-9077 Gold Skull
37-9096 Chrome Skull, large
37-9297 Chrome Skull large 5/16 x 18
37-9107 Chrome Skull 10/32
37-9218 Skull Valve Stem Cover, pr
Skull Coil Cover
fits 1965-99 FX,
FLH, FXST models,
chrome with
embossed design.
VT No.
Chrome Skull Design Points and Derby
VT No. Year
Type Model
42-0084 1971-2003 Points XL
42-0081 1970-98 Points XL & BT
42-0075 1999-up Points TC88
42-0091 1970-98 Derby BT
42-0092 1999-up Derby BT
Chrome Tombstone Taillight includes
skull rim lens grill. Kits include die cast
chrome taillamp license plate bracket &
chrome plated steel adapter plate which
will mount to all Big Twin stock rear fend-
ers, replaces original style lamp.
VT No. Item
33-0313 Taillamp w/Rim Custom
33-0190 Kit
33-0191 Kit
Skull Rim is available with or without blue
dot fits early style tombstone taillamps 33-
0305, 33-0171, 33-0185 and 33-0599.
VT No. Type
33-0434 With Dot
33-2161 Without Dot
2" Chrome Skull Marker Lamp is for
decoration only, lighted eyes.
VT No. Type
33-2146 Bulb
Skull Face Tombstone Lamp features
die cast construction with LED board.
VT No. Color
33-0205 Clear
Skull Cateye Taillamp feature classic oval
design with skull lens, 12V.
VT No. Type
33-0587 Bulb
42-0084 Installed