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1986-99 Stock Replacement ST Frame fits FXST and
FLST components.
VT No. 51-0976
Frames for
V-Twin Mfg.
ST Rolling Chassis Kit includes V-Twin Mfg.
Replica front and rear frame section and original style com-
ponents as shown. Note: Shifter Plate and Kickstand not
included. Available to fit Ev 1340 or TC-88 motor.
VT No. Type
55-2535 TC-88
Replica Rolling Chassis Kit
Chrome Frame Insert Set covers area
on neck of Big Twin frames 1948-E88
with key lock. Easily attached with
adhesive pads provided. Available in
VT No. 42-0056
Frame Trim Set fits FXST-FLST 1985-99.
Easy to install chrome plated trim plates fit
into recesses on rear of frame near swing
arm pivot. Comes with double-sided adhesive
on back. Replaces 47300-88T.
VT No. Type
42-0038 Smooth
42-0734 with Facets
Chrome FXST-FLST Full Frame
Covers fit frames 1986-up to cover
frame casting a pivot bolt head. Top fits
under strut and is held on by the foot-
peg mount bolt.
VT No. 42-0727
Chrome Rear Frame Covers con-
toured to fully cover rear castings on
1986-99 FXST-FLST Softail frames.
Securely fastened by bolting under
rear strut arms, foot peg bolts,
swing arm pivot bolts. Fastens on
lower right under muffler bracket.
VT No. 42-0001
Frame Covers for ST
Chrome Steel FXR& FXRS Side Cover
Set fits 1984-94 FXR-FXRS.1982-84.
Replaces 66351-82, left and 66356-82,
VT No. Type
42-0100 Smooth
42-0663 Louvered
Chrome Neck Cover Set for 1981-91
FXR is easy to install. Covers weld on
neck area.
VT No. 42-0042
Chrome Left Side Frame Cover for all
5-Speed FXR 1984-94. Fits directly
under the standard left side frame
cover. Supplied complete with chromed
button head allen hardware, and an
allen key wrench.
VT No. 42-0008
Frame Covers for FXR