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Outer Vented Primary Kits
Primary Cover Kits
Chrome Vented
Primary Covers fit
ST and FXD mod-
els. All parts sold
VT No. Year
43-0110 1994-06
43-0113 1986-93
43-0126 Derby
43-0179 Oval
Chrome Vented Outer Primary Cover are without bearing
VT No. Year
43-0252 1989-93 FXST (L)
43-0257 1994-06 FXST-FXD (O)
43-0290 1995-06 FXST (3 Hole)
Vented Primary Cover
Kits include vented
inspection and derby
covers with screws for
ST models.
VT No. Year
43-0562 1989-93
43-0563 1994-05 Dyna
1994-06 FXST
43-0563 Installed
Chrome Primary Kit includes derby, inspection cover, gasket
and allen screws. 43-0264 and 43-0265 include 5-hole late derby
cover. FLT-FXR kits require purchase of appropriate inspection
VT No. Year
43-0264 1995-06 ST
1994-05 FXD-FXDWG
43-0288 2006-up FXD
43-0289 2006-up FXDWG
2007-up FXST
43-0265 1994-06 FLT
43-0267 1989-93 FLT-FXR
43-0272 1985-88 FLT-FXR
42-0740 Inspection FLT
42-9943 Inspection FXR
Cover Sets
for Softail
models. Set
includes die
cast and
chrome inner
and outer pri-
mary cover.
VT No. Fits
43-0250 1990-93
43-0251 1994-99
Primary Cover
Sets include
inner and outer
for years listed.
Order bearing
and hardware
kit separately.
VT No. Year Hardware
Chrome Billlet Outer
Primary is fully CNC
machined to fit 1990-06
ST and FXD models.
Cover is designed to make
installation/removal of and
adjustment of hi-perfor-
mance clutch packs easy
by simply removing the
oversized derby cover.
VT No. 43-0098