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PJ1 Blue Label is
heavy duty. Won’t fly off.
VT No. Size
41-0134 8 oz.
41-0135 18 oz.
PJ1 Chain Lube is a
heavy duty chain lube
for street or off road.
VT No. Size
41-0132 6 oz.
41-0133 17 oz.
Balance Plus and Tire
Sealer precision bal-
ances tire through centri-
ficial force allows for con-
tinuous balancing for life
of tire, no need to
remove weights. Eight
oz. bottle does one tire.
VT No. 41-0153
PJ1 Cable Lube cleans and
lubricates in one application,
11 oz. can.
VT No. 41-0175
Kreem Heat
Coating protects
pipes from bluing.
VT No. 41-0163
Chrome Guard is a
heat resistant coating
for exhaust pipes, sold
VT No. 41-0161
Air Filter Oils and Cleaners.
K&N type is for paper ele-
ments. Unifilter type for foam
VT No. Size Item
41-0171 12 oz. K&N Cleaner
41-0172 6.5 oz. K&N Oil
41-0173 16 oz. Unifilter Cleaner
41-0174 5.5 oz. Unifilter
Simi Chrome is the original German for-
mula. Available in case of 24 tubes in a
display box.
VT No. 41-0117
X-Treem Products are sold each.
VT No. Size Item
41-7001 32 oz. Cycle Cleaner
41-7010 8 oz. Cycle Wax
Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish is a cotton
wadding to clean and polish chrome alu-
minum and brass. Tear off a small wad
and rub surface to be cleaned, then pol-
ish with a dry cloth, leaving a protective
film, 5 oz. can.
VT No. 41-0119
VHT Special Finishes 13 oz. size, each.
VT No. VHT Finish
41-0123 Black wrinkle
41-0125 Flame proof 1350 flat
41-0149 Heat Silver finish
41-0124 Black oxide paint
41-0126 Black epoxy enamel gloss
41-0144 Black barrel paint satin restores
factory look to cast iron
Super Cleaner by PJ1
Points and Spark Plug
Cleaner removes grease
and dust, while displac-
ing moisture. 13 oz. size.
VT No. 41-0128