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ôRaked" Fork
Neck Cup
Set replaces
cups to pro-
vide 3░ rake
installed. Kit
chrome cup
set, bearing
set and dust
covers with
instructions. Kits 24-0292 & 24-0294 include longer fork stem
and adapter to fit neck, but will not accept stock fork stem lock.
24-0292 and 24-0294 feature built in external fork stop tab.
VT No. Year
24-0283 1960-87 FXST-FXWG
24-0295 1960-87 FXST-FXWG
24-0292 1988-up FXST,
1990-up FXDWG
24-0294 1991-05 FXD
ôRaked" Neck Kits
Raked Neck Kits
include chrome cups,
bearings, dust cover,
stop tab and longer
stem. Longer fork tubes
required for installation.
Fit 1991-05 FXD.
VT No. Rake
24-0378 3░
24-1286 5░
Note: Rake Neck Kits are for Shown Applications only and
Require longer Fork Tubes to be installed.
Chrome Big Twin Neck
Cup Kit features built in
fork stop on lower cup
to accept 1988-99
FXST lower fork stem
with integral stop. Kit
includes chrome upper
and lower cups with
races, bearings and
dust shields.
VT No. Item
24-0231 Cup Kit
12-0384 Bearings
Chrome Internal Fork Stop Kit includes pieces for complete
installation on Big Twins, and custom frames which accept
press in neck cups. Kit allows choice of turning radius of 35 or
45 degrees. Instructions included.
VT No. Year
24-0296 1936-87
35░ and 45░
24-0671 1988-up ST-FXDWG
24-0670 1982-94
Chrome Mega-Neck Cup
Set features 1" ID bearing
set with large OD on the
outer race which will provide
1.68 times the radial capaci-
ty and 1.57 times the axial
capacity of a conventional
bearing. Kit includes chrome
cups, bearings and races and 2 dust covers.
VT No. 24-0300
Smooth Neck Cup
Set features built in
stop and includes
races and bearings.
VT No.
Neck Cups with Stops