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Crane HI4TC Ignition for TC88
Carbureted Engine Models
offers multi-spark performance,
variable advance curves and a
digital rev limiter. It is a plug in
replacement of the stock module
and is compatible with the facto-
ry security system.
A crankshaft position sensor is
employed to establish accurate firing. Rear cylinder timing can
be offset from -5° to +4°; the same for initial timing. Both are
easily adjusted by means of rotary switch on the unit. An addi-
tional rotary switch is used to select the advance curve, with
choice of ten families. This enables the ignition to optimize the
performance potential of the Twin-Cam 88® in any stage, from
stock to wildly modified. Rotary switches also control the built-in
Sequential Rev Limiter, which is adjustable from 1,500 to 9,900
RPM, and won’t cause “popping and banging" like conventional
rev limiters.
Benefits of multiple spark system include easier starting (hot or
cold), better low-speed driveability and off-idle response. It puls-
es up to nine sparks per cycle at idle and three sparks ups to
6,000 RPM, which also stops spark plug fouling and lean-surge.
VT No. Year
32-3160 1999-03
32-3180 2004-up
Crane HI-4E Ignition Modules/Module-Coil Kits.
•Improved, Adjustable Spark Curve Produces Strong
Torque/Power Increases!
•Multi-Spark Technology Delivers Cleaner Low-End, Idling,
Crisper Throttle Response.
•Easy Plug-In Installation. No Harness Replacement required
on 1991-up Bikes. (1980-94 requires VT No. 32-9014 (OEM
32408-90) Harness Kit)
•Selectable Single-Fire or Dual Fire.
•Adjustable Rev-Limit, 500 to 9,900 RPM in 100 RPM incre-
•Accurate, Easy Rear Cylinder Timing Offset.
•Billet Aluminum, External Mounted.
•Kits include module, coil and spark plug wires.
VT No. Item
32-0806 Module only 1980-94 with7 Pin connector.
Note: 1980-90 requires harness kit VT No. 32-9014
As Above
32-0807 Module only 1995-up with 8 Pin Connector
As Above
Sensor Cup Kit includes spe-
cial screws to fit all “Sensor"
type ignition kits.
VT No. 32-0559
Controller by Comp Cams is a programmable
performance ignition computer featuring:
• High Energy output with accurate spark timing.
• Uses stock rotor and pickup in both single and dual fire
• 14 factory programmed curves
• User friendly programming with switches.
• RPM switch for nitrous 2-stage rev limiter.
• Programmable rev limit.
• Bolt-on easy installation with style connectors.
32-0672 VTI2000A Ignition Controller 1995-earlier
Softail, Dyna, FXR, FX w/ conv. Harness Shovel
XL except 1994-up FLT & XL models
32-0673 VTI2000B Ignition Controller 1996-up Softail, Dyna, FXR, FX w/ conv. Harness
1993-up Softail, Dyna, FLT except F.I., XL
32-0733* VTI2001A Power Adapter 7-pin Fits all 32-0672 applications
32-0734 VTI2001B Power Adapter 8-pin Fits all 32-0673 applications
32-0741 VTE2200 RPM Switch Harness For use with VTI2000 A or B
*Note: For 1979 and earlier models use pickup VT No. 32-9020 OEM 32400-80A and rotor VT No. 32-9087 OEM 32402-83. For
1991 and earlier models use OE harness VT No. 32-9014 OEM 32408-90.
Controller by Comp Cams
VT No . V-Thunder Description