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ThunderJet® EFI Throttle Body, Manifold and High Flow Air Cleaner answer the demand for airflow in perfor mance engines.
These oversize (available in 50mm and 54mm) CNC-machined castings replace the 44mm factory designs used on Delphi®-
equipped 2001 and later models, are designed to accept the factory electronic components, including injectors, so assembly is a
snap. Matching manifolds (required) are available for most popular engine kits from 95" up to 124". High Flow Air Cleaner includes a
CNC-machined billet back plate, 2 3/4" deep K&N filter, breather plumbing and heavy-duty support brackets. This system substantial-
ly raises intake airflow capabilities for impressive performance gains. Manifold, throttle body, air filter and cover sold separately.
VT No. Description
35-0137 50mm EFI Throttle Body w/cruise control
35-0138 54mm EFI Throttle Body w/cruise control
35-0139 EFI Manifold for stock length cyl. fits H-D® 88, 95, & 103" engines, S&S 95 & 106" Jims 113" kits
35-0153 EFI Manifold with 5.013"-5.016" Long Cylinders fit S&S 124" Kit & Jims 116" Kit
35-0154 EFI Manifold with 4.975-4.980" Long Cylinders fits 117" Kit
35-0155 EFI Manifold with 5.037" Long Cylinders fits 120" Kit
35-0156 High Flow Air Cleaner Assembly for 50/54mm ThunderJet Throttle Body (cover not included)
15-1200 Induction Module Gasket
15-1201 EFI Filter Gasket
S&S Single Bore Tuned
Induction Intake
System. Features a
swept forward 2 into 1
design that creates a
super charging effect and
rams air into cylinders
which creates more mid
range torque. Air cleaners
are available in chrome or
natural finish and include
air filters. Mounting hard-
ware must be purchased
Air Cleaners
VT No. Finish
34-0180 Natural
34-0181 Chrome
Mounting Brackets
34-0182 1984-06 Big Twins with S&S E or G Carb
34-0183 1984-06 Big Twins with CV Carb
Chrome Manifold Cover fits 2004-
up FXD, 2001-up ST and 2002-up
FLT replaces 27483-07.
VT No. Item
15-1527 Gasket
Intake Flange Set fits EFI
models 2007-up.
VT No. 34-1188
Induction Flange Set will adapt 34-0180 and 34-0181 to 31-
0705 Sifton breather bracket.
VT No. 34-1523