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Carburetor Adapters.
VT No. # Size
35-9136 A 30-45mm Spigot Rubber
35-0117 A 42-42mm Spigot Rubber
35-0194 A 40-44 mm Spigot Rubber
35-4574 B 36-38mm Flange Adapter
35-9162 B 40mm
Flange Adapter
35-0098 C 38mm
2 Bolt Adapter with rubber
35-0088 D 38mm
2 Bolt Adapter
CV Carb Adapter adapts HSR-42
Mikuni or CV Carb to 2 Bolt manifold.
Use spigot seal VT No. 14-0180.
VT No. Type
35-9150 2 Bolt Early Style
35-9223 2 Bolt S&S B+E
Intake Manifolds
True Seal Manifold with 2
machined manifold halves
which bolt together with
stainless allen screws. Does
not require the use of exist-
ing stock style O-rings or
seals. Evo type also includes
front and rear head spigots,
gaskets, sealing compound and instructions included. Fits
1985-up Evo Big Twin G" models.
VT No. 35-0075
Carb Spacers for S&S are available in 1" or 3/8"
thickness for spacing out 1 7/8"
carburetors on models with 5 gallon tanks.
VT No. Size
35-0086 3/8"
14-0950 1 7/8" Spacer Block O-Ring and B Carb base
14-0957 Super E Carb Base, O-Ring
14-0958 Super G Carb Base, O-Ring
Manifold Spacer
replaces 29250-78 on
1971-88 models. 3/8"
VT No. Item
15-0141 Stock Spacer, each
15-1019 As Above, James
15-0142 Gaskets, Non-beaded
15-1144 Gaskets, Beaded
15-1019 Spacer Kit, James (1 3/4" I.D.) Stock
15-1162 Spacer Kit, James (1 13/16" I.D.) Custom
15-1163 Spacer Kit, James (2 1/16" I.D.) Custom
Intake Manifold O-Rings and Seals.
James VT No. OEM
14-0624 14-0165 26995-86A 1986-up
As Above Blue Silicone
As Above Oversize
As Above Rubber w/Metal Element
Standard Size
As Above Rubber w/Extra Thick Metal
Insert Standard Size
14-0625* 14-0180* 27002-89 1990-up BT
2000-up with EFI, 44mm
1999-up TC88
*Note: Seal for carb to intake manifold.
Air Cleaner Mount Gaskets, 10 pk
James VT No. OEM
15-1146 15-0148 29058-77 1977-89
As Above .062 thick
15-1017 15-0285 29059-88 1988-up CV type
As Above Steel Core
As Above Adhesive Coated
29095-95 1995-00 EFI
29062-95B 1995-06 Carb
15-1527 28583-01A 01-up Carb
17-0948 Lock Tab 1983-85 Big Twin
Zenith 40mm Performance Spigot Mount Carburetors Kit for all 1984-up Evolution and Twin Cam models with dual cable opera-
tion. Features adjustable main jet, butterfly type choke, spigot mounting and acceleration pump. Uses stock type cables and air
cleaner. Comes complete with all fittings, adapters and instructions. Kits sold as shown.
VT No. Finish
35-0023 Standard
35-0024 Chrome
35-0063 Standard
Bendix 40mm Carb
Chrome Manifold Cover fits 2004-
up FXD, 2001-up ST and 2002-up
FLT replaces 27483-07.
VT No. Item
15-1527 Gasket