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Evo Tappet Blocks
Chrome Evo 1340 Tappet Guides Set includes front and rear
tappet guide. Fits all 1984-99 Evo Big Twin.
VT No. Item
11-9506 Tappet Block Set
15-1542 Gasket Kit
Billet Tappet Blocks are machined from solid blocks. Made and
polished by Jims, sold pairs. Fits 1985-99 1340 BT Evo.
VT No. 10-0069
S&S Tappet Block Sets for V-2. The burnished aluminum fin-
ish matches S&S cylinder heads and crankcases. Blocks
accommodate a cam, base circle of .960", with up to .630" lift.
Screws and gaskets included.
VT No. Fits/Item
11-9290 Big Twin
15-0714 Gasket Front
15-0715 Gasket Rear
8708-8 Screws 12pt
"-20 x
Chrome Evo Tappet Covers fit over stock blocks. Each cover
has a slot which allows it to be installed without removing
pushrods. Install by lifting the pushrod tube cover and inserting
the covers. Fits 1985-99 All Big Twins.
VT No. Type
42-0437 Steel
42-0458 Die Cast
Lifter Base Bolt Sets for Big Twin models.
1976-up with Stock Lifter Blocks. x 20 thread without
VT No. Type Finish
7628-8 Acorn Chrome
8726-8 Allen Chrome
8709-8 12 pt Cadmium
8708-8 12 pt Chrome
8710-8 12 pt Black
Left Side Cylinder Cover
bolts to engine center stud
for secure installation.
VT No. Fits
42-1172 2007-up FXST
42-1173 2007-up FLT,
2006-up FXD