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Dyno-Jet for stock carbs work with mild cams stock or aftermarket exhaust & stock or aftermarket air cleaner.
CV Jet Kits for 1999-up
VT No. 35-0535 fits 1999
Twin Cam 88. D-J# 8120.
VT No. 35-0540 fits Screamin’ Eagle
44mm CV TC-88 D-J# 8132.
VT No. 35-0538 fits 2000-
up TC-88. D-J# 8121
VT No. 35-0539 fits 2000-up TC-
88 Thunder Slide Kit. D-J# 8131.
VT No. 35-0528 fits 1990-99 BT Thunder
Slide Kit
with accelerator pump. D-J# 8108.
VT No. 35-0529 fits 1996-00
1340 with accelerator
pump. D-J# 8105.
Keihin Rebuild Kits
CV Carb Upgrade Kit
includes rebuild kit,
vacuum piston, screws
and tuner kit, fits 1988-
up Keihin CV carbs.
VT No. 35-0459
CV Tuners Kit by Kinetic-
Karb is for 1989-99 Keihin
constant velocity carbs to per-
mit easy tuning after installa-
tion of custom air cleaners,
cams & exhaust. Includes
instructions, 3 main jets, nee-
dle jet, adjustable needle with
spacers and circlips, a spring
and drill bits. This dual purpose
kit fits 1989 models without accelerator pump and 1990-99 with
accelerator pump. Jet assortment includes #140-205, 70 piece
main jet assortment.
VT No. Item
35-9099 Jet Assortment
Extended Float Bowl
Kit fits CV carbs for
extra capacity,
includes Hi-Flow inlet
VT No.
Turbulator turns the intake manifold into a violent
mixing chamber. The heavier fuel particles are
directed away from the sides of the intake manifold
back to the center of air flow. The fixed valve turbu-
lator then tumbles the mixture resulting in higher
VT No. Model
35-9260 38mm 2 Bolt Keihin, Bendix
35-9261 40mm 2 Bolt S&S ‘B’, +’E’, Flat ‘S’, Mikuni
35-9263 CV Keihin, All
35-9264 44mm 2 Bolt
35-0859 S&S G
System II Atomizer. Screen
device which further mixes fuel at
face of manifold. The tossed mix-
ture burns more efficiently and
VT No. Item
35-0093 38mm Bendix, Keihin
35-0092 S&S, Mikuni, 40mm Screamin Eagle,
35-9217 All C.V. Carbs
CV Carb Upgrade use when installing 35-9075 CV tuners kit.
VT No. 35-0363