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Carb Kits
Weber 45DCOE Chrome carburetor kits feature a chrome dual
runner swept forward manifold, chrome two barrel carburetor,
velocity stacks all installation hardware and jet kit , accepts
stock cables 1992-up.
VT No Type
35-1115 EVO 80
35-1120 TC-88
35-1121 Evo, 113/124 (S&S)
Weber 45MCHH Single Barrel Carburetor features a
chrome carburetor and a unique intake manifold and breather
kit that fits both Evolution and Twin Cam big twin motors 1992-
up. Kits are available with a chrome billet air cleaner and
"shorty" type manifold which fits in the stock location between
the cylinder V. (kits 35-1100 and 35-1102)
For an aggressive look the 45MCHH can be ordered with
a highly polished forward swept manifold and cone shaped air
filter.(Kits 35-1105 & 35-1106) Additionally, the 45MCHH is
available in a kit which features a forward swept air filter elbow
which can be used either in the forward or upswept position.
The elbow and mounting brackets are polished billet aluminum.
(Kits 35-1107 & 35-1108) All 45MCHH kits include carburetor,
manifold, air filter, choke cable, installation instructions and jet
kit. Carburetor kits are available for both EVO80 and TC-88 car-
bureted motors.
VT No. Type
35-1100 EVO80 w/shorty manifold & chrome billet air filter.
35-1102 As above for TC-88 motors.
35-1105 EVO80 w/Swept Forward & cone shaped air filter
35-1106 As above for TC-88 motors.
35-1107 EVO80 with swept forward/swept up air filter.
35-1108 As above for TC-88 motors.
35-0589 CV Air Cleaner Adapter Plate
Performance Induction System by Holley includes a 2 barrel
carburetor, an open plenum manifold with a complete air clean-
er and a breather manifold. This kit will use the existing stock
throttle and idle cables on carbureted models not for use with
cruise control.
Finish Years
35-0556 27973-00 Stainless 1999-up TC-88
35-0557 28009-00 Polished 1990-99 Evo 1340
Holley Induction System