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1985-90 1340 Big Twin Clutch Pack Hardware.
VT No. # OEM
12-0563 A 7848W
Nut, 5 pack
18-3259 B 37357-84 Adjusting Screw for Stock
18-3253 B 37090-84A Adjusting Screw for 18-3680
17-9246 BB Kit
Rod Set, 1985-86
17-9248 BB Kit
Rod Set, 1987-89
17-9249 BB Kit
Rod Set, 1990
12-0564 C 37496-84 Nut, Mainshaft
12-0212 D 37523-85 Key, 10 pack
18-3679 E 37550-84A Clutch Hub
18-8153 E 37550-84A Clutch Hub, V-Twin
18-3641 F&M 37702-84A 84-E85 Clutch Drum w/Ring Gear
18-8234 F&M 37707-84A L85-90 Clutch Drum w/Ring Gear
18-8290 G 37875-86A Diaphragm Spring
18-0186 FF Kit
1984-E85 Drum/Hub Assembly
18-0187 FF Kit
E1985-90 Drum/Hub Assembly
18-3680 H 37901-84A Pressure Plate
18-3214 I 37902-86B Barnett Adjuster Plate
18-3255 I As Above V-Twin
18-3215 J 37903-84 Release Plate
12-0953 K 37904-84 Ret Ring External, 10 pack
12-0954 L 37905-84 Ret Ring Internal, 10 pack
12-0308 M 37906-84 Bear ing
12-0955 N 37907-84 Retaining Ring, 10 pack
18-1147 O 37931-84 Friction Disc, 6 pack
18-1148 P 37975-84 Drive Disc, 7 pack
37-8944 Q 2881W
Bolt and Washer
37-9272 R 6242W
18-3623 S Kit
Bear ing Kit
12-0923 T 11096
Retaining Ring
1985-90 Clutch Hub Sleeve is a rein-
forcement ring for hubs at the tapered
end. Sleeve is pressed on with beveled
side out toward inner primary, after
clutch drum with bearing is set over hub,
so that clutch drum and hub will be
installed as one unit.
VT No. Type
18-8240 Alum.1-piece type hub
18-8241 Steel two-piece type hub
1985-90 Big Twin
Clutch Parts
1984-89 BT Clutch Hub Kit includes updated reinforced steel
center clutch hub, steel drive plate set & friction plate set.
VT No. 18-0541
Clutch Drum and Hub
Assembly. Bearing and snap
ring are installed in drum.
VT No. Year
18-0186 1984-E85
18-0187 E1985-90
Starter Ring Gear Offset
dimension shown.
VT No. Size (D) Year
18-0186 1.670 1984-E85
18-0187 2.087 1985-90
1984-90 Big Twin
Clutch Hubs feature
the updated factory
construction which has
a machined steel center
with aluminum outer
splined ring, secured by allen screws, with steel studs
welded in place. Order related hardware separately.
18-3679 37550-84A 1984-90 OE
18-8153 As Above 1984-90 V-Twin
18-8170* 37550-84 1984-90 V-Twin
*Note: Early style hub with aluminum studs