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Mufflers for Touring
FLT Extended Front Exhaust Heat Shield covers the
exposed exhaust pipe adjacent to rider footboard. Mounts with
existing hardware. Fits 1983-up FLT models.
VT No. 30-3371
30-3371 Installed
Radii Slip On Muffler
features removable
baffles for 1995-up
models. Bolt on instal-
lation. Oval design
includes baffled insert
which bolts into place.
VT No. 30-0895
Slash Down Muffler by Radii, features removable baffles,
which can be modified for alternate tuning characteristics.
Mufflers bolt to original bracket on 1995-up FLT touring models.
32" by 3 1/2".
VT No. 30-0597
Wide Oval Extensions fit FLT models 1995-up to replace
stock mufflers. Oval shape measures 2.5" x 5".
VT No. 30-0422
Radii Muffler Set features 3.50" outer diameter with black
anodized end caps and removable baffle insert for 1995-up
Touring models.
VT No. 30-0596
Radii Muffler Sets feature
Removable Baffles
Welded Top Mounts
Accurate I.D. Inlets and
formed inlet tubes