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BT Weld On Hardtails fit to stock frames for 1958-85.
VT No. Drive
51-0920 Chain
51-0947 Belt
Disc (200)
Notes: VT No. 51-0947 uses 3/4" 1986-99 FXST axle and
spacer assembly. 44-0547 available separately.
Swing Arm Frame is available with low seat area to be used
with stock type seats and wrap around style oil tanks or with
stock type square oil tank. Low seat are frames use oil tank
40-0412 for kick start or 40-0408 for electric start. Chain drive
frames use 51-0907 swing arm, belt drive type use 51-2149
swing arm.
51-2168 uses flat side 1984-99 type tank set.
Low Seat Area Frames
4-Speed Rear Chain or Belt Drive
Fatbob Mt. Without
Fatbob Mt
Stock Seat Area Frame utilizes electric start components
from 1965-84 FLH-FXE model. Features stock style neck with
no rake or stretch. Uses oil tank VT No. 40-0417 and Swing
Arms 51-0907 for chain drive and 51-2149 for belt drive.
4-Speed Rear Chain or Belt Drive
Fatbob Mt. Without
Fatbob Mt
Swing Arm Frame
V-Twin Mfg.
Replica Swing
Arm Frame is an
authentic repro-
duction of the
1985-86 FXWG
Frame which will
accept a 1340
Evo Engine, a 4-
Speed transmis-
sion, aluminum
primary assem-
bly and flat side
tanks. Details
include forged
parts as original
in neck, front motor mounts, rear engine/front transmission
mount, strut and swing arm pivot mount. All stamped compo-
nents are pressed and formed as to stock configuration.
Frame will accept stock style FLH or FXE components from
the years 1965-84, these include oil tank, battery carrier,
starter assembly, rear fender and struts and chain or belt drive
swing arms. This V-Twin
Replica frame makes it possible to
build an Evolution powered 1340 with the classic FL or FXE
styling. Neck includes a 17 digit serial number pad and tab for
triple tree pad lock.
VT No. 51-1013 EV