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Iso-Billet Grip Set
Design matches 22-
0755 forward control
VT No. 28-0607
Chrome Billet Pirate Grip Set to accept single or dual throt-
tle cable assemblies.
VT No. Type
28-0278 Groove
28-0280 XGroove
Chrome Hex Grip
Set to accept single
or dual throttle cable
VT No. 28-0584
Odins Contour Grip
Set is constructed of
Billet alloy with
VT No. 28-0784
Billet Gripster Set
features contour shape
for firm grip to accept
single or dual throttle
cable assemblies.
VT No. 28-0785
Billet Grip Sets
Chrome Throttle Clamps and Tube Set feature smooth
design, upper and lower pieces with screws and nylon throttle
tube, for single or dual cable applications.
VT No. Type
35-0253 Single
35-0254 Dual
Radii Billet Throttle accepts single
1982-95 throttle cable.
VT No. 35-0255
Chrome Throttle Housing custom
design for single cable operation.
VT No. 36-0151
Dual Billet Throttle Housing for use with
idle and throttle cable.
VT No. 36-0564
Billet Throttle Housings
28-0785 Installed
Note: All Billet Grip Sets are designed for show and off
road use only.
Billet Rocket Grip fea-
tures jumbo O-rings for
good grip.
VT No. 28-0588