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James Cylinder Head/Base Gasket
VT No. Year Bore Thick
15-0414 1984-99 STD .045"
15-0877 1984-99 3 5/8 .062"
15-1234 4" S&S 4" .045"
15-1235 TC-88 STD .045
GB Evolution Big Twin Three Piece Rubber Coated Gaskets. A three piece design
that features a stainless center sandwiched between two rubber coated stainless
spring steel outer layers. The outer layers are embossed at the oil drain hole and cylin-
der bore area that provides a correct seal. Sold in pairs.
Cylinder Base Gaskets
1984-99 Big Twin
Size 3
" Bore 3
" Bore 3
" Bore 3
" Bore
Head Gaskets
1984-99 Big Twin
Parker Gaskets by Rivera for Ev 1340
Cylinder Head Gaskets feature full copper
construction and integral O-Ring at critical
areas, using the principal of controlled
compression when the cylinder base and
head is torqued down the metal maintains
the correct diameter between the surfaces
requiring sealing while the boned flexible
sealing material completes the seal. The
base gasket is metal with an integral seal
of Viton molded to the metal gasket. Sold
in pairs for base or head.
VT No. Item
15-0728 3 1/2" base
15-0729 3 5/8" base
15-0730 3 1/2" head
15-0731 3 5/8" head
Metal Cylinder Base Gasket has a steel base
metal which has been coated on both sides with
a specially formulated high temperature oil resis-
tant rubber compound. Silicone beading around
the inner and outer perimeter forms a seal on
both sides of gasket, pairs. Available from
VT No. Fits
15-1072 Evo Big Twin
15-1101 Evo 3 5/8" Big Twin
GB Head/Base Gasket Sets have .040
special copper head gaskets and .007"
thick aluminum base gaskets, will not com-
press or torque. Kits include 2 head and 2
base gaskets.
VT No. Model
15-0312 1984-99 Evo 80"
15-0314 Sidewinder BT Evo
Oil Fix Kit for Big Twin Evo models
includes 2 cylinder base gaskets and 2 oil
jet controls which control the oil coming
from the head through the barrel and into
the case, so the oil does not touch the
base gasket thereby not leaking through
the base gasket.
VT No. 15-0597
Evolution Cylinder Oil Passage Drain
Tubes for stock bore size cylinders only.
Each kit is supplied with tap, hex wrench,
two drain tubes and instructions.
VT No. Item
16-0912 Pair Replacement Tubes only
VT No.16-0911
Tube Installed
Head Base Gaskets
GB Head Base Gasket Set for Ev with
.040 head gasket.
VT No.