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Chrome Billet Inverted Front Fork Kit
includes complete fork assembly with Billet
chrome caliper, stainless polished lazer Dura-
rotor and 60 spoke 21" front wheel assembly
with axle over all length noted.
VT No.
24-2126 34.5"
24-2127 36.5"
24-2128 38.5"
24-2129 40.5"
VT No. 24-0716 Inverted Fork Oil Change
1. In order to change fork oil, raise the bike off of the floor and secure it.
2. Remove the front wheel
3. Remove the front fender.
4. Remove the front brake caliper and support it. Do not let it hang by the brake
line. Do not squeeze the front brake lever while caliper is in this position.
5. Now loosen pinch bolts in triple tree until forks can be removed.
6. Remove fork legs and turn upside down. Now remove lower caps (where axle
goes) from the fork tubes. Be careful as the caps are under spring pressure.
7. Drain oil out and refill with fresh oil 10 oz per leg of type E fork oil.
8. Reinstall the lower fork caps. Use of the leg of tool VT No. 16-0573 will great-
ly aid in this step. Once lower caps are installed reassemble the fork, wheel,
fender and caliper assembly.
Inverted Fork Oil Change
VT No.
24-0718 34.5"
24-0727 36.5"
24-0728 38.5"
24-0729 40.5"
31-0351 Brake Line Clamp
24-0851 Seal Kit
Chrome Inverted Fork Assemblies feature 45mm lower tubes with 63.5 mm upper tube
assemblies with overall length from the top of the tree to axle center as noted. Adjustable fork
stops permit installation on FXST or FXDWG models. Top nut, axle and fender mounts includ-
ed. Use with 1984-99 caliper, wheel and 11.5" rotor single disc.
Fork Kit
Bolt On
Mount Kit
fits right or
left side for
fork s.
VT No.