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Wyatt Gatling 250 FXST Frames
Feature 1 3/8 tubing
Custom swing arm
Accepts a 240 or 250 series tire with either a
chain or belt left side drive.
Available in Chopper (single down tube) or Pro
Street style.
The Chopper single down tube frames feature
42 rake , 6" stretch in down tube, 4" stretch in
backbone and no seat post.
The Pro-Street frame features a 38 rake and
3" stretch in down tubes.
Order round tank separately.
VT No. Type
Size Drive
51-2189 Chopper
250 LS
51-2196 Chopper
300 RS
51-2188 Pro-Street
250 LS
51-2195 Chopper
250 RS
40-0481 Chrome Oil Tank
40-0482 Raw Oil Tank
31-0757 Rear Oil Tank Mount
51-0704 Rear Section
51-0634 Axle Cover Set
44-0117 Axle 250
44-0118 Axle 280
Chrome Steel Strut Bars will allow use of a 11" wide fender
on ST frames.
VT No. 50-0583