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Lower Fork Stem Retaining Ring
for 1986-up all models. Replaces
VT No. 12-0979
Chrome Lower Triple
Tree Cover fits 39mm
forks 1987-up designed
for easy installation.
VT No. 42-0342
39mm Chrome Fork Stem Nut Covers fit over stock stem nut.
37-9073 includes 2 fork tube cap covers and 1 stem nut cover
for 1987-up FXRS-SP, 1988-90 FXLR, 1988-90 FXR.
VT No. Fits
24-0637 1987-up FXR, 48329-90
37-9073 3 piece set as shown
37-9520 3 piece set Flat Top Style
Chrome Triple Tree Sets include upper and lower trees to fit
39mm fork tubes as stock on 1990-05 FXD models.
VT No.
24-0669 Tee Set
37-0865 Screw Set
12-0384 Bearing Set
24-0114 Dust Covers
39mm Lower Tree Applications.
24-0856 45563-87 1988-94 FXR-FXRT Polish
24-1020 45563-87 1988-94 FXR-FXRT Chrome
24-0857 45561-87 1987-94 FXLR
24-0665 45561-87 1987-94 FXLR
24-0859 45598-90A1990-05 FXD-FXDL Polish
24-0864 45598-90A1990-05 FXD-FXDL Chrome
39mm WG Conversion Kits
Replica 39mm
Triple Trees
1988-up Wide Glide Conversion Kit fits XL models with 39mm
tubes and single 11.5" disc. Include tree set, axle, spacers and
related hardware. Both kits use 1984-99 type front rotors.
VT No. Fits
24-9928 1988-99
24-0595* 2000-03
*Note: 2004-up models require purchase of caliper & rotor kit
23-0563. 2000-03 require the purchase of 84-99 style rotor.
2005-up models require 44-0690 spacer kit for 1" axle.
Narrow Glide Conversion Kit to fit FXD-XL 39mm models
includes upper and lower triple trees, stem, stem nut, fork
stops, axle, axle spacers and fender spacers. For use with
1984-99 FXST/FXDWG 41mm fork leg assemblies and 1984-
99 narrow glide 19" or 21" wheel assembly with aluminum hub
and front fender. Accepts 11.5" rotor and caliper (custom
brakes may cause interference with laced wheels). Measures
1 6
" between fender mounts. For front wheel speedometer
operation, replace left side axle spacer with speedo drive unit,
VT No. Item
36-2450 Speedo Drive
Chrome Top Triple Tree for 1988-
94 FXR, 1991-05 FXD-FXDL,
replaces 45739-87.
VT No.
24-0865 Top Tree
28-1503 Top Bushing Set
37-0862 Screw Set
35mm Lower Tree Applications.
24-0806 45608-84 1984-86 All FX
Except FXWG-
1984-87 FXR-FXRS
24-0855 As Above Chrome
39mm Steering
Stabilizer Kit
includes brackets
and adjustable
round body damp-
ener piston. Fits
1991-99 FXD.
VT No. 24-0198