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Fender Tips
1979-99 Chrome FLT Tips with light.
Type Style
50-1025 59082-79
Front With Light (A)
50-1026 59658-79
Rear With Light (B)
33-2081 59180-80
Front Lens only
33-2082 68046-79
Rear Lens only
33-2083 w/Blue Dot Front Lens only
33-2084 w/Blue Dot Rear Lens only
15-0694 68047-79
Rear Gasket
15-0695 59181-80
Front Gasket
33-0134 53439-79
Bulb 10 pack
2000-up FLT Tips with light.
50-1150 59672-99
Rear With light (B)
50-1151 68706-00
Front With light (A)
LED Fender Tip Lamps fit 1980-up models.
VT No. Type
33-0656 Rear
33-0657 Front
Lower Fender Trim includes screws. Fit 1986-up FLST.
VT No. Type
50-1015 Smooth
50-1066 Ribbed
Chrome Front Fender Tips in stamped, includes screws. Fits
fender width as noted.
VT No. Style Width Type
50-1055 Eagle 4" FXWG-FXST
50-1050 Smooth 4" As Above
50-1049 Smooth 5" FX
50-0915 Eagle 5" FX
Chrome Fender Tips fit FLSTF models.
Smooth Logo Type Size
50-1118 50-0987 Front 6 1/2"
Chrome Emblem Sets feature clips or
studs and nuts to attach to fender as
original accessory, but can be mounted
to fenders and saddlebags, sold as pair.
VT No. Type
38-6671 Heritage Softail
37-8842 Speed-Nuts, 10 pk
Chrome Fender Name Plate for Road
King pair.
VT No. 38-6710
Chrome Fender Name Plate for Ultra
Classic pair.
VT No. 38-6711
Front Fender Decal
“Classic" pair.
VT No. Color
38-6713 Gold
Neon-Look Front Bumper Tray adds a
classic look to dresser models, FL-FLT.
Includes amber strip light.
VT No. Fits
42-0331 1976-84 FLH
42-0332 1980-up FLT, 1983-up FLHT
Stainless Steel Replica Fender Side Trim Set fits 1982-up
FLT, 1986-up FLST.
VT No. Item
50-0957 Side Strips
37-8784 T Bolts
Chrome Fender Grill fits 1979-up Big Twin.
VT No. Type
42-0720 Front
42-0721 Rear