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5-Speed Kicker Conversion features one piece alloy outer
housing in chrome or natural finish which houses kicker gears
that mount to inner bearing plate supplied. Designed for 1987-
99 models (except Dyna) with a direct cable operated clutch
mechanism. Includes instructions and extra clutch pushrods to
retro fit 1979-86, cable operated components must be pur-
chased separately for these years. Kit also includes 1-piece off-
set chrome kick arm, popsicle kick pedal and chrome spring,
and all internal kick gears. Tool listed reduces installation time.
The 1991-99 models require purchase of 17-9248 pushrod set.
VT No. # Item
Complete Kit with Alloy Cover
Complete Kit with Chrome Cover
Installation Tool
Release Kit
17-9996 A Replacement Mainshaft Extension
17-9886 B Replacement Pushrod Set
17-9954 C Replacement Inner Door
17-9955 D Replacement Outer Cover
Dipstick & Filler Plug
Filler Plug
Ratchet Gear Set, pair
Large Kick Gear
Gasket Kit
Stock Cable
8" Extension Cable
5-Speed Kicker Installation Tool.
Save time when installing 5-speed
kicker conversion units, because
the complete trans does not have
to be dismantled. Mainshaft &
clutch pak can remain in place.
Reduces labor from 6 to 3 hours.
VT No. 16-0756
5-Speed Kicker Kit
5 & 6 Speed Bearing
Support Plate for 1984-2000
Big Twins with kick start. Billet
Aluminum support plate
includes bearing.
VT No. 20-0250
5/6 Speed Kick Start Kit features slim profile design. Pushrod
modification may be be required. Order kick arm and pedal sep-
arately. Fits all 5-Speed replacement OEM transmissions and
all 6-Speed replacement transmissions only.
VT No. Item
17-0857 Gear Set
17-0989 Clutch Kick Gear
17-0869 Shaft
Transmission Filler Cap with dipstick and
O-Ring seal. Fits BT Evo with 5-Speed
trans. Chrome except where noted.
VT No. Type
8803-2 Cap
8804-2 Cap (Gold) 1980-86
8405-2 Acorn
37-8201 Allen
37-8985 Allen
9885-2 Allen
9861-2 Acorn
Chrome Hex Dipstick.
VT No. Model Year
40-0456 ST 87-up
17-0958 FXD 06-up
Radii Dipstick is one piece design.
VT No. 17-0789