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Wire Harness/Dash Base Assemblies
Wiring Harness /Dash Base Assemblies include complete har-
ness pre-wired to dash base, 6 post key switch, terminal box,
headlamp connection, speedo lamp socket and front terminal
board when required. VT No. 39-0193 uses 39-0399 flasher
(included). 39-0191 requires use of 32-7508 turn signal canceler
available separately. 1987-95 assemblies require purchase of han-
dlebar switch wiring. 6 switches.
VT No. Type Year/Model
Big Twin Electric Start Models
39-0193 5-Light 1987-88 FXST-FLST
39-0194 5-Light 1989-90 FXST-FLST
39-0191 5-Light 1991-95 FXST-FLST
FXST Builders Harness/Dash Base Assembly. Builders
Harness includes all correct color coded high tension wires,
handlebar wires and taillamp wires for years listed. Dash base
assembly includes wired base, 6 post switch, circuit breakers
and flashers. Allows use of either the turn signal canceler VT
No. 32-7508 (not included) or flasher VT No. 33-0399.
VT No. Item
39-0968 Dash Base Assembly 1987-95
32-0675 Builder Harness
32-0456 Builder Harness
32-0726 Builder Harness
Relax...We’ve done your homework on this one!
der the appr
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vice man
ual to facilitate wire harness installation.
Wire Plus Digital Instrument Panel feature chrome Billet con-
struction, digital speedometer, digital bar graph tachometer,
charging system monitor, trip meter, odometer and light sensor
for auto dimming at night. Requires a digital signal from the
transmission sensor and an ignition module with a tach output.
Requires correct bracket for handlebar mounting.
VT No. Item
39-0250 Digital Speedo
39-0050 Clamps for 1" Tach Bar
39-0051 Clamps for 1
" Bar
39-0052 Clamps for 1
" Bar
Chopper Wire
Harness Kit
features wiring
and fittings for
1985-up ST
Custom applica-
VT No. 32-0815
Top Motor Mount with Integral Coil Mount features Billet
construction, provides a coil mounting location that is up and
behind the normal top motor mount leaving this area open for
switch housings and other Wire Plus system modules. Mounts
most coils that do not have the electrical connections on the
ends. (Note: Some spacing hardware required.) For Twin Cam
and most Evo coil applications.
Chrome Polish
For Motors
101" and up
Diagnostic Wiring