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8" Air Cleaner includes built in breather bracket. 52 square inch-
es of filter space fits Ev & TC-88 1993-up with S&S E" Carb.
VT No. 34-0637
Panzer Air Cone fits S&S E carbs and is fully rotational when
used with the Sifton Integral breather bracket VT No. 34-1185.
VT No. Item
34-0772 Air Cone
34-0275 Filter Only
Air Cleaner
Cycovator Taper Forward Mount Air Cleaner Kit fit 1991-up
EFI Big Twin models.
VT No. Item
34-1278 Filter Only
Velo High Flow Air Cleaner Assembly features cast mount
bracket with built in breather and filter. Includes breather bolts
and hardware to mount to 1992-up Ev and TC-88 cover not
VT No. Type Year
34-0700 S&S 1993-05
34-0623 EFI 2003-up
Air Cleaner Breather Only includes cone, element and elbow
as shown. Fits CV in the horizontal position.
VT No.
Air Funnel
Filter Only
Turbo Funnel will mount on CV
carb bolt pattern in a forward hori-
zontal position. Order adapter
plate 34-0693 to place in upright
vertical position.
VT No. 34-1197
Super Spiral runs at ups to
10,000 RPM to match your
high revving engine.
Help provide a better fuel
mixture and combustion