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Advance Units
Points Conversion Kit. Both brands include everything
necessary for direct replacement on 1970-78 BT, 1971-78
Sportsters or for converting late model electronic-type back to
points. Accel type available with microchip points, which will
require a domed shaped points cover such as VT No. 42-0299
to accommodate taller points. The V-Twin unit includes stock
style points and condenser. 32-0150 available with stock needle
bearing weights.
VT No. Item
32-7773 Accel with Microchip
32-0136 V-Twin with Points
32-0150 V-Twin/Points
Competition Advance Unit by
Rivera Competition
features machined stainless steel
shaft and plate, metallic coated
weights and special wound springs
for exact advance. Replaces
32505-78A for 1970-up, mechani-
cal advance applications. Center
screw included.
VT No. Item
32-9037 Competition Unit
32-9223 Rebuild
Stainless Advance Unit features
stainless base, heat treated weights
and cam center screw for 1970-up
mechanical advance ignition.
VT No. Item
32-0178 W/Bolt
32-0168 W/O Bolt V-Twin
Blue Streak Sifton “Tuneable" Ignition Advance Assembly
includes stainless advance base, points plate with “Blue Streak"
points and condenser with hardware and 3 pairs of color coated
springs which allow full advance at 1400, 2000 and 2600 RPM
depending on which spring is selected.
VT No. 32-0713
All Electrical Components sold as individual pieces or in kits are covered under
our warranty “Replacement
Provision. All electrical related item part num-
bers begin with a 32 prefix. No credit will be issued for these items as they are
exchange only.
Stainless Points Plate Screws replace 32606-
VT No. 32-0760
Tuneable Advance Unit features stainless base, heat treated
weights cam bolt and 3 different color coded spring sets which
allows full advance at 1400, 2000, and 2600 RPM depending
on which springs are selected. Can be used with all ignitions,
points, single or dual fire types which utilize an advance unit.
Springs also available separately.
VT No. Type
32-9220 Stock
32-9261 Needle Bearing
13-0121 Stock Springs, Black
13-9246 Heavy
13-9247 Severe
Advance Units feature
heat treated weights
and steelbase. Order
center bolt separately.
VT No. Type
32-7510 Advance
32-0055 Center bolt
1970-up Advance Weight Springs.
VT No. Fits
13-9247 Severe Duty Advance Weight Springs for all
Hi-compression and heavily modified engines.
Also useful for applications experiencing
detonation (pinging) or very erratic idle, pair
13-9246 Heavy Advance Weight Springs for slightly
modified stock, low compression or mild stroker
application, helps cure minor idle problems, pr
13-0121 Original type replacement. Uses premium
grade spring steel, 10 pk
Automatic Advance Rebuild Kit includes 2 of the following:
springs, weights, and 4 roll pins. For all 1970-78 Twins.
VT No. 32-0140